Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Detailed Review

There are a rumors were mentioned that Google and Samsung are now  using same concept to the development of  smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch 4  adopts Wear OS 3 while retaining the rotating ring system. Is this mixture are beneficial to the world? Is the abandonment of Tizen any good? This is what we suggest you see in this test of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic specs

Display Details

Dial shapeRound
Screen size1.4 inch
Resolution450 x 450px
Screen typeSuper-AMOLED
Color screenYes

Hardware Details

ProcessorExynos W920
Operating systemWear OS 3
Compatible OSandroid
Storage capacity16 GB
Battery capacity361mAh
Autonomy24h to 36h depending on use

Connectivity and Sensors Details

SMS/MMS supportYes
Call supportYes
Bluetooth version5
Wi-Fi version4
Accelerometer and electronic compassYes
Ambient light sensorYes
Sleep analysisYes
heart rate sensorYes
SpO2 sensorYes

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Pros & Cons

  • The clever mix between Wear OS and OneUI
  • The arrival of the ECG and blood pressure functions
  • The rotating ring, still just as practical
  • Overall a very complete watch
  • Autonomy limited to a big day
  • Perfectible GPS accuracy
  • The shape of the bracelet, not very ergonomic
  • ECG compatible only with Samsung smartphones

Detailed Review of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The era of Tizen is now over. The Asian giant samsung has joined  the  company to develop its new high-end smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. 

If the design is  little similar that of a Galaxy Watch, the entire software part has been revised for a smooth transition to Wear OS 3. Samsung is taking the opportunity to add an ECG function in order to compete with the Apple Watch Series 7 .

Note also the presence of a Galaxy Watch 4 without a rotating ring. It is similar to the Classic model but is more affordable with an entry price of €269 for a 40mm case. We lose the comfort of the rotating ring but the requested budget is more attractive.

Now that the presentations are done, let’s take a look at this famous Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and its brand new Wear OS 3 system!

Design and finishes

For this test, we had the pleasure of using the 46mm version of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. This model is the largest of the new Galaxy Watch Variations. However, aside from the size, there are no cosmetic changes from the 42mm version.

We thus have on our wrist a very beautiful watch with a stainless steel case. Visually, we remain very close to the  Galaxy Watch 3 , with a look that is all in sobriety. We would still have liked more rounded case edges, but this assessment of the design remains subjective.

In our opinion, the biggest downside of Samsung’s new smartwatch is its strap. The strap is designed to fit the case as well as possible, which is very pleasant visually. On the other hand, it does not bend enough to follow the curve of the wrist. As a result, we end up with a watch that serves the top and bottom of the wrist but not its sides. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic therefore tends to “float” unless you squeeze it hard.

Fortunately, you can easily change the bracelet and opt for a anther best bracelet. We lose the aesthetic side but we gain in wearing comfort. 

Let’s continue our exploration of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. This South Korean watch now adopts rectangular metal buttons. They are used for measuring ECG and body metrics. Coupled with the BioActive sensor placed on the back of the smartwatch, they diffuse a slight electric current in the body, the principle being similar to that of  connected scales .

Finally, we find on the top of the smartwatch the famous rotating ring so representative of the Galaxy Watch family. Samsung seems to be shelving the Active2 ‘s touch ring  and returning to a physical ring that’s more pleasant to use on a day-to-day basis.


The biggest highlight of Samsung smartwatches has always been the screen. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is no exception to the rule. 

The 1.4” Super AMOLED panel from the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatch works wonders on a daily basis, regardless of the place and the time of day. Are you in direct sunlight? No worries, the screen is perfectly readable. Night has fallen ? You won’t blow your retina off with a panel that’s too bright. The Watch 4 adapts to all circumstances for optimal reading. A real delight for the eyes!

The definition of 450 x 450 px coupled with the magnificent contrasts of AMOLED provides undeniable visual comfort. 

The  Always On mode  is also included, adapting to each  watchface. And thanks to Wear OS, you will have endless possibilities to decorate your connected watch according to your tastes. 

Operating system

After years of good and loyal service, it’s time for Tizen to say good bye. But rather than being crushed by the giant Google, Samsung is joining forces with it. Although it is Wear OS 3 that serves as the basis for Samsung, it is the OneUI interface of Tizen that is found on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. And we have to admit that the mixture works rather well!

We thus find the navigation as we knew it on Tizen. You can learn more by reading  our Galaxy Watch 3 review . The only major change is in the applications menu.  You can arrange the icons in any order you want. Of course, the rotating ring makes scrolling easier.

Wear OS obliges, we have full access to the Google Play Store. Samsung thus erases the main defect of Tizen whose application store was quite poor. Now you can freely install Spotify, Komoot, Strava, Facer and thousands of other apps!

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