10 Best Waterproof Android Smart Watch Review

You are searching for a waterproof smartwatch means you are health conscious as well as you love outdoor activities. A smartwatch is very necessary for people who are aware of their health. And swimming is a healthy activity, that’s why you don’t only need a smartwatch, but you also need a waterproof smartwatch.

A smartwatch is not smart until it is bright both way internally as well as externally. That’s why we have got you a list of top 10 smartwatches, which are not only smartwatch but also a waterproof smartwatch.

We have selected these smartwatches not only based on features, but we have also considered battery life, specifications as well as price. Because an expensive smartwatch can give you a lot of features but not everyone reading my article is rich. So we have selected you watches whose specifications match their price and will provide you with the best experience of a smartwatch. So let’s get into the article.

Top 10 best waterproof android smartwatch

1. Honor watch magic 2

Best Waterproof Smartwatch “Honor Watch Magic 2”

best waterproof smartwatch

Honor watch magic 2 Product Information

This watch is second of its kind by Honor, which is a fitness wearable as well as a smartwatch. It is dust proof as well as waterproof and its depth rating shows how well it can resist water. It can withstand water pressure up to 5 ATM. You can use it for a depth of 50 m. Its look shoots you on any environment. Now it is competing with companies like Garmin, fossil, and other Big smartwatch manufacturing companies.
Its design is fantastic, and the company has an excellent reputation for its design. It has 15 tracking modes, and those are enough to give you tons of features. Honor watch magic 2 mostly focused on fitness features. But still, there are some limitations you can access only those apps which are inbuilt. You cant additional download Apps. But overall, it is a perfect watch, and it will not disappoint you.

Specification of Honor watch magic 2

Model : Magic Watch 2 (Honor)


Honor watch Magic 2 Comes with AMOLED Display and have 1.39 inch Display size.
Its Display is of Size 454 * 454 Pixels with pixel density 462ppi.


Honor watch Magic 2 Comes with Powerful 455 mAh Li-ion Battery.
Powerful 455 mAh Li-ion Battery will long last Upto 14 Days.

Sensor and Activity Tracker

Honor watch Magic 2 Comes with sensors like GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro etc .
It is capable to track Calories Intake Burned, Sleep Quality Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker, Steps Counter, Sleep Hour Tracker etc.

Additional Details

Honor watch Magic 2 Comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) enables Feature.
It has awesome Find my phone feature to find your phone with your smartwatch.
With only 41 g weight it is compatible with Both Android and iOS.

Pros and cons of Honor watch magic 2

  • Long battery life
  • Good integration with the Health app
  • Accurate and fast GPS
  • 46mm model is bulky

2. Huawei Watch GT 2

waterproof smart watch

Huawei Watch GT 2 Product Information

It comes in two variants 46mm, and 42mm and both the variants have a different look. The 5 ATM-appraised water has a water obstruction rating of 50 meters. This implies you can use it for shallow-water exercises like swimming in a pool or sea. In any case, you ought to not use it for scuba jumping, water skiing, or different exercises including high-speed water or submersion underneath shallow depth. And it has an auto-brightness feature so that it adjusts its brightness in the ambient light conditions. At the back of the watch, there is a heart rate sensor. It does not use a wireless charging system; it uses a magnetic dock. This watch also does not allows users to download additional apps; you can use system apps only. You will have to download the Huawei health app to track your fitness records. Its trackers are almost accurate. It gives you a premium look so that you can show your impression on others and well as keeping yourself healthy.

Specification of Huawei Watch GT 2

Model : Huawei Watch GT 2


 Huawei Watch GT 2 Comes with AMOLED Display and have 1.39 inch Display size.
It has Display is of Size 454 * 454 Pixels with pixel density 462ppi.


Huawei Watch GT 2 Comes with Powerful 455 mAh Li-ion Battery.
Powerful 455 mAh Li-ion Battery will long last Upto 14 Days.

Sensor and Activity Tracker

Huawei Watch GT 2 Comes with sensors like GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro etc .
It is capable to track Calories Intake Burned, Sleep Quality Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker, Steps Counter, Sleep Hour Tracker etc.

Additional Details

Honor watch Magic 2 Comes with NFC (Near Field Communication) enables Feature.
It has awesome Find my phone feature to find your phone with your smartwatch.
With only 41 g weight it is compatible with Both Android and iOS.

Pros and Cons of Huawei Watch GT 2

  • Premium looks
  • Gorgeous AMOLED display
  • Bluetooth calling is helpful
  • Excellent battery
  • No app store support
  • Limited watch faces

3. Garmin forerunner 45

best waterproof smartwatch review

Garmin forerunner 45 Product Information

This is Garmin’s lowest cost of running watch. Usually, Garmin launches costly watches, but it is cost-efficient. This model also has two variants 42mm and 39mm, but at the same price and specifications. It is a water-resistant watch, you can use it up to a depth of 50 m and water pressure of 5 ATM. It is slim and looks good while you wear it. Every sensor in this watch is very accurate, and you will find it is ideal for runners. It doesn’t mean that it is only for runners. It is best for all who want themselves healthy. First of all, its features and sensors will amaze you. When you connect it with the Garmin Connect app, it will give you amazing results because of the Garmin connect health tips.

Specification of Garmin forerunner 45

Model : Garmin forerunner 45


Garmin forerunner 45 Comes with 1.04 inch Display size with 208 x 208 pixels resolution.
It has Transflective memory-in-display (MIP) Display type. It comes with advanced Chemically strengthened glass screen protection.


Garmin forerunner 45 has Non-removable Li-ion battery that provides backup of Up to 7 days in Smartwatch Mode and Up to 13 hours in GPS mode.
To Charge the battery it takes approx 1-2 hours.

Sensor and Activity Tracker

Garmin forerunner 45 Comes with sensors like GPS/GLONASS/Galileo, Accelerometer, Barometer/Altimeter etc.
It is capable to track Weather, Steps Count, Safety tracking, ECG Tracking, Stress tracking, Swim tracking and many more.

Additional Details

As Garmin forerunner 45 is water proof smartwatch, It comes with 5ATM protection and you can use it while swimming.
It doesn’t have NFC (Near Field Communication) Feature.
It has awesome Find my phone feature to find your phone with your smartwatch.
For music lover it have music control system. Also It comes with Customizable watch face options.

Pros and Cons of Garmin forerunner 45

  • Physical buttons
  • Optical wrist heart rate monitor
  • Good battery life
  • Personalized training by Garmin
  • Value for money
  • Not compatible with all sports apps like Runkeeper

4. Samsung galaxy watch

waterproof android smartwatch

There are two variants of the Samsung galaxy watch available in the market. The first one is 42mm, and the second one is 46mm, and three colors are available Rose Gold, Midnight Black, and Silver. The main thing is this watch looks like an actual analog watch, but it is not. But there is one thing which is odd in this watch is if you want to save your battery and turn everything off from the on-screen, then you will get a big black circle. Samsung Galaxy watch confirms its durability as it is waterproof, therefore, you can wear it while swimming and dry it up using a clean dry cloth. It has a lot of features, but it looks at what its price is. While wearing it, you will not feel it expensive, and it seems like a cheap watch. But the price tag will keep your mouth shut because it is not costly. If you go for the features instead of its design, then you are gone love it. And if you are health conscious then again you are gone love it.

Specification of Samsung galaxy watch

Pros and Cons of Samsung galaxy watch

  • Crisp, vibrant OLED display
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good fitness features
  • Two sizes for large and small wrists
  • Good fitness/sleep tracker
  • Samsung Pay support is awesome
  • Bixby / S Voice is terrible
  • 42mm model has a much smaller battery
  • Few apps for Tizen
  • LTE model is going to cost you extra
  • Very little internal storage

5. Garmin instinct

best waterproof smartwatch review

The watches first impression you will get is a sports watch. Its smaller size and its silicon band make it comfortable for you all the time. You will be amazed by its durability and strength. Its polymer casing is scratch resistance, and the raised bezel protects the screen from damage. Its auto brightness adjusting feature makes it easy to read the screen during the day and night. Garmin instinct provides you shock resistance, water resistance, and thermal resistance facility. Its water rating is 10 ATM. It’s a two-window design that’s unique to the present model. Within the right corner could be a small circular window that, by default, displays the date, while the remainder of the display shows your stats. Though you can not get eliminate this extra window, you’ll be able to customize both windows to indicate whatever metrics you wish. All its sensors give you accurate results.

Specification of Garmin instinct

Pros and Cons of Garmin instinct

  • Garmin Instinct comes with great battery life.
  • It has a rugged design.
  • The price is very reasonable
  • You can opt for 28 various sports modes
  • The watch is very durable
  • The accuracy of the smartwatch is satisfactory
  • Very comfortable to use
  • You can even control the Music
  • Smart notification is also available
  • You will have wrist only Heart Rate Monitor
  • You get a magnetic compass
  • You cannot use the Heart Rate Monitor while swimming
  • It lacks metrics like VO2 max and training load info
  • You cannot use any third-party apps
  • The screen is monochrome
  • Android users can only avail of text responses

6. Garmin vivoactive 4

waterproof android smartwatch

If you do activities like swimming, running, hiking, and other outdoor activities, then this watch is only for you. Garmin Vivoactive 4 has waterproof protection whose max depth of water resistance is 164 ft. Improved body materials are used to make this watch like Fiber-reinforced polymer and stainless steel. Its water rating is 5 ATM. You should buy this watch. It comes in two variants 45mm with a 1.3inch display and 40mm with a 1.1inch screen. It also has 3.5GB of storage for offline music. It also has animated pictures for strength training, cardio, pilates, and yoga. Its sensors work very accurately. Talking about its looks, I say you will fall in love with this watch.

Specification of Garmin vivoactive 4

Pros and Cons of Garmin vivoactive 4

  • Great exercise tracking, with full GPS
  • On-watch music streaming
  • Stacks of stats
  • ANT+ HR broadcast mode does not work well yet
  • Spotify/Deezer integration should be more friendly

7. Fitbit versa 2

waterproof android smartwatch

Build quality of Fitbit versa 2 is better; it feels solid, well crafted, and lightweight. The bands are soft, but of poor quality, it fades away the longer you wear it. However, replacement is available, and in some cases, it is way better. The water resistance watch Fitbit versa 2 has a quick-drying facility up to 50 meters which allows you to use it while swimming or during your daily shower or pool workouts. The device even tracks laps, duration, and pace during your swim workouts. It is also sweat proof. There is a feature of the always-on display. If you’ve got the always-on display enabled, you will have to use the button to awaken the Versa 2 or tap on the screen. The screen quality is excellent, so you can easily read the texts in direct sunlight. The only thing that will bother you that you will have to charge it at the end of the day.

Specification of Fitbit versa 2

Pros and Cons of Fitbit versa 2

  • Refined design
  • AMOLED display
  • Always-On display mode
  • Fitbit Pay as standard
  • Alexa built-in
  • Sleep tracking
  • Voice replies are handy for Android users
  • Lacks on-board GPS
  • No offline Spotify playback
  • Limited third-party app support
  • Smartwatch productivity features are lacking

8. Fitbit ionic

waterproof android smartwatch

While exercising or running, if you need a smartwatch, fitness tracker, then you may find Fitbit ionic the best choice. In comparison to other smartwatches because it has a lot of fitness features and is very impressive. And the second thing is its price, which is very low. You will find similar features in an expensive smartwatch, and it is lightweight too. It is so thin that you will not realize a watch in your hand. Fitbit ionic is a stylish water-resistant watch up to 50 meters i.e. 150 suitable ft for swimming, recreational diving and tracks your swimming stats, distance. Covered, duration, swim length as you turn the swim mode on. But underwater the heart monitoring system doesn’t work. Once again, you will fall in love with the design of the smartwatch. The one thing that will bother you is its logo below the screen, covering a lot of space. Instead of the logo, if there could have a larger display else, everything is perfect.

Specification of Fitbit ionic

Pros and Cons of Fitbit ionic

  • Superb battery life
  • Built-in GPS works great
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof, can track swims
  • Fitbit OS is easy to use
  • Lack of third-party apps
  • Can’t reply to notifications
  • Proprietary charging cable

9. Garmin vivomove 3

waterproof android smartwatch

Once again, Garmin proved its sensors to be best in vivomove 3. the sensors work accurately, but the GPS signal latches. It is a water-resistant watch with a water rating of 5 ATM that’s why you are not going to stop in the rain or the swimming pool. And keep yourself healthy and smarter. Its display is super bright, and you can even see the text quickly, even when you are running outside. It looks more like an analog watch than a smartwatch. The one thing you will miss in this watch is onboard music means while doing workouts, you will have to do it in silence, but if you have a speaker system, then that’s another thing. But overall, this is quite an impressive smartwatch. From design to features to sensors, Garmin has managed it quite well.

Specification of Garmin vivomove 3

Pros and Cons of Garmin vivomove 3

  • Stylish design
  • Software works beautifully
  • Gamut of features
  • Mild software hiccups
  • Sleep tracking issues
  • Style and Luxe models are pricey

10. Samsung galaxy active 2

waterproof android smartwatch

Its sleek, stylish, and modern look takes it to another level. It doesn’t have a sporty look. It has a soft and smooth look. It seems very costly but isn’t. Yes, it is expensive in comparison to other Samsung smartwatches, but not too much. The water-resistant watch Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 has a water rating of 5 ATM, can stand up to as much as 50 meters whether rains, showering, and swimming. But the device lacks to support high-pressure water activities. There are two variants available in the market 44mm and 40mm. But if you are going to do the workout with the watch, then I will suggest going with 40mm. The always-on display consumes more battery so you can turn it off and save its battery to 50%. its GPS is not that accurate as compared to smartphones. But overall you will have a lovely experience.

Specification of Samsung galaxy active 2

Pros and Cons of Samsung galaxy active 2

  • Upgraded sensors are fast and accurate
  • Tizen OS is useful
  • Touch-sensitive bezel works well
  • Offers a lot for the price
  • Disappointing battery life
  • Workout tracking could be more comprehensive

These were our top 10 waterproof smartwatches we recommend you to buy. Not every smartwatch is perfect; there are ups and downs in every smartwatch. That’s why it took a long time to figure out which one is best and which one is not. We found a lot of smartwatches that are way better than these smartwatches. So we considered the battery life and price too to compare, and finally, we found those above smartwatches must be in the top 10 list.

If you want us to write an article on the top 10 waterproof smartwatches, no matter what the prices are. Then please write to us in the comment section below we will write an essay on that topic too.

We will feel glad if you have any feedback, please write in the comment section too we will try to improve ourself.

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