6 Best Hybrid Smartwatches That You Cannot miss

In this world full of smartwatches, are you still in love with old-school round-dial analog watches?

If your answer is yes, then stay connected with this post.

Today we have rounded up some of the best hybrid smartwatches that will look the same as your round dial analog watches but will have all required smartwatch features.

Sounds cool right?

This post will help you with the best hybrid smartwatches with the best of features in an affordable price range.

So, get ready to have a look at an analog watch along with the features of a smartwatch.


After a thorough analysis, research and survey, we have caught up on a few best hybrid smartwatches.

These hybrid smartwatches will not only enhance your look but will give a keen look into your personality to your acquaintances.

Before listing any hybrid smartwatch in the TOP 6 category we have pre-analyzed and cross-checked all the important parameters that one must check on.

So without any further delay, let’s dive into the list and details of the following hybrid smartwatches.

1). Garmin vivomove Sport

Reason To Buy

Battery life of 5 days

Hidden touchscreen display

Keeps you connected with all the notifications

Various health and fitness features

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Garmin vivomove is termed as the best hybrid smartwatch as it has rounded up well on miscellaneous parameters.  It has a screen size of about 40 millimeters.  The product is offering an efficient battery life along with different health and fitness features. This watch is a perfect fit for safety and security purposes. The watch is currently available in quite cool colors like- Black, Cocoa, Cool mint, and ivory.

Specifications Garmin Vivomove

  • It is a unisex watch that can be easily worn by men as well as women.
  • It has an efficient battery life of 5 days. So now, even if you skip the charging or get stuck somewhere, this best hybrid smartwatch for has got your back.
  • A hidden touchscreen display is giving the watch a classier look.
  • It keeps you connected with all the notifications and activities of your smartphone, while it’s connected.
  • The watch has various health and fitness features to offer to make it a perfect fit for your daily health updates.

Pros & Cons of Garmin Vivomove

Pros Of Garmin Vivomove

  • One of the most attractive features of this hybrid smartwatch is that it checks your energy level throughout the day. These features will help you in distinguishing between when you should work and when you really need rest.
  • Well, it keeps your social life up to date. As you can receive e-mails, messages, and reminders right on your watch. If connected to a compatible device.
  • You can keep track of your goings, walks, and runs; just by connecting it to your smartphone’s GPS connectivity.

Cons Of Garmin Vivomove

  • Lack of built-in GPS, due to which one needs GPS connectivity with a smartphone to use GPS while wearing the watch.
  • A small display area gives the watch a smaller shape and a fudgy look.

Best Pick For

This Garmin vivomove smartwatch is the best for those who are looking for a perfect health and fitness watch. As it has extensive arrays of different health and fitness tracking features.

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2). Withings ScanWatch

Reason To Buy

  • Highly text/ call compatible
  • Heart rate monitor watch
  • Battery life of 30 days
  • Check SPO2 level in just 30 seconds
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This is one of the best hybrid smartwatch due to its smart features like an activity tracker being connected with GPS, Water- resistant quality along with a screen size of 38 millimeters. This hybrid smartwatch offers a 30-day battery life. This Withings scanwatch offers an electrocardiogram and an oximeter to provide on-demand essential vital parameters. It is the first hybrid smartwatch to detect and scan vital parameters to check up on heart health conditions. It is going to help you improve your overall fitness.

Specifications of Withings ScanWatch

  • It is a highly text/call-compatible hybrid smartwatch. It connects effortlessly with Android and iOS using the Healthmate app.
  • The watch and heart rate monitor watch detects atrial fibrillation or normal heart rhythm in just 30 seconds via ECG.
  • It has a battery life of 30 days, and additional 20 days in power reserve mode.
  • This hybrid smartwatch has sapphire glass and a PMOLED screen featuring a rechargeable battery.
  • With the help of this hybrid smartwatch, you can easily check your SPO2 level in just 30 seconds.

Pros & Cons of Withings ScanWatch

Pros of Withings Scanwatch

  • ECG readings and possible detection of AFib help an individual to monitor one’s heart condition.
  • This hybrid smartwatch’s 30 days battery life is really commendable and is a key feature of the watch.
  • The watch’s crystal face is made up of scratch-free sapphire glass, which gives it a double-layer safety coating.

Cons of Withings Scanwatch

  • Withings scan watch is heavy and bulky. Due to this at times, it gets uncomfortable to wear.
  • No onboard GPS is available in this hybrid smartwatch, which may cause problems at times.

Best Pick For

Withings Scanwatch is the best pick for heart patients. If you are a heart patient, who needs to monitor his health updates from time to time, then this watch is for you. Here you can even get your ECG done.

3). Fossil Women’s Jacqueline Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

Reason To Buy

  • Connects well with iOS and android
  • Water resistant to 165ft (50m)
  • Built-in music control to play
  • Easily receive all your messages and notifications
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This hybrid smartwatch is a real jackpot if you are too lazy to charge your smartwatch over and over. Over the years, Fossils has been the largest producer of classic and elegant smartwatches. The best thing about this smartwatch is that no charging is ever required. It works on a cell battery that needs to be replaced after 6 months.

So, say bye-bye to the daily charging routine. Along with this major perk, this hybrid smartwatch has swappable strap watches, which give the watch a different look every time.

Specifications of Fossil Women’s Jacqueline

  • This hybrid smartwatch connects well with iOS and android.
  • You do not need to charge this hybrid smartwatch ever. You just need to replace the charging coin after every 6 months for a smooth and reliable run of the watch.
  • Case size: 36mm; Band size: 14mm; interchangeable with all Fossil 14mm bands; imported; water resistant to 165ft (50m); microcontroller
  • This hybrid smartwatch has a built-in music control to play, pause and shut off on your music mode.
  • Now with the help of this hybrid smartwatch, you can easily receive all your messages and notifications on your watch.

Pros & Cons of Fossil Women’s Jacqueline

Pros of Fossil’s Jacqueline Hybrid Smartwatch

  • The main advantage of this smartwatch is that you do not need to charge this smartwatch.
  • This hybrid smartwatch has a traditional, classic styling, which gives it a full 90s look.
  • As Fossil works and uses Wear OS, it comes with Google’s voice assistant. Google Assistant helps you in controlling various things like controlling audio playback, reading messages, and controlling compatible smart home devices.

Cons of Fossil’s Jacqueline Hybrid Smartwatch

  • The Sleep Tracking feature of this watch is not really reliable or you can say not up to date in comparison with other watches.
  • You can’t reply to any texts or type any message here.

Best Pick For

If you are a fan of 90s watches and too lazy to charge your watches frequently, then this watch is made just for you. Therefore, this fossil hybrid smartwatch needs to be a part of your collection.

4). iTouch Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

Reason To Buy

  • Compatible with iOS as well as android
  • Extended battery life of 14 days
  • Comes with a calorie counter and pedometer
  • Help you in staying true to your fitness goals
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This iTouch watch comes in black acrylic color with a scratch, dust, and water-resistant screen. iTouch believes in quality and style and therefore, it never disappoints its customer on these factors.

It is well compatible with iOS as well as android. This best hybrid smartwatch is versatile along with a luxe style promising on it’s design and looks. Features like- a stainless steel band, extended battery life, and motion gesture make this hybrid smartwatch more appealing as well as alluring.

Specifications of iTouch Connected Hybrid Smartwatch

  • This iTouch smartwatch works well with both men as well as women.
  • It has a durable metal case, scratch-resistant glass along with an extended battery life of 14 days.
  • This waterproof watch comes complete with a calorie counter and pedometer. Measure your heart rate and sleep with its one-touch sensor.
  • You can use iTouch-connected wearable fitness to track and monitor all your activities. This watch will help you in staying true to your fitness goals.

Pros & Cons of iTouch Connected

Pros of iTouch Connected

  • This is easy to use easy-to-use with a streamlined design.
  • In this hybrid smartwatch, you can receive incoming calls, text messages, and more.
  • Helps you in monitoring your sleep patterns and even tells you how often you are awake at night.

Cons of iTouch Connected

  • Fewer features are present in this hybrid smartwatch as compared to other watches.

Best Pick For

This iTouch-connected hybrid smartwatch is your pick if you are interested in a classic and elegant look. It also is a great booster for sports enthusiasts as different trackers and meters are present in this hybrid smartwatch.

5). Garmin Vivoactive 4S

Reason To Buy

  • Durable corning gorilla glass
  • 5 ATM swim rating
  • Stress Monitor
  • Lightweight and Customisable design
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Garmin Vivoactive 4S, is a light- weighted hybrid smartwatch and is the perfect gift for your gym freak friends. It is one of the most efficient hybrid smartwatches for those who work out regularly. Here, you can easily download songs to your watch, including Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon music playlists.  Garmin vivoactive has been listed as the best hybrid smartwatch because of it’s easy-to-follow animated screen workouts. It has an average battery life of 7 days.

Specifications of Garmin Vivoactive 4S

  • A durable corning gorilla glass is what makes it more durable and safe from wear and tear.
  • 5 ATM swim rating is what makes it prone to water and swimming to a certain level.
  • The extensive health features of this hybrid smartwatch help you to know your body better and get regular updates on yourself.
  • Stress Monitor helps you to check and monitor whether you are having a calm or a stressful day. You will even get instant reminders to calm yourself if your stress level shoots up.

Pros & Cons of Garmin Vivomove

Pross Of Garmin Vivoactive

  • The lightweight and customizable design of this hybrid smartwatch makes it different from others.
  • It keeps track of one’s energy level, pulse, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, and sleep.
  • Animated On Screen Workouts work best for fitness freaks.

Cons Of Garmin Vivoactive

  • The screen resolution of this hybrid smartwatch is quite low. Hence, that’s why the watch does not look appealing.
  • Heart Rate monitoring for this hybrid smartwatch requires a chest strap.

Best Pick For

Garmin mainly focuses on extensive health features. Therefore, if you are someone looking for health monitors then this should be your pick. Also, if you are a fitness freak then Garmin vivoactive is offering you animated on-screen workouts, that will make your workouts more fun and interesting. Also, it will help you in staying focused and motivated.

6). Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

Reason To Buy

  • Features like count steps, calories, and distance
  • Long durable battery life of 25 days
  • Tracks 30+ sports and maps
  • 100+ top health & fitness apps
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Withings Steel HR has a dial of about 36mm and is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel, which makes it more durable and reliable. It has a weight of only 0.09 pounds and is easily convertible to android and iOS. Moreover, this Withings smartwatch has a long-lasting battery of 25 days.

This best hybrid smartwatch also works well with Alexa. Just say, “Alexa, ask Withings” to hear about your activity milestones and trends. It is a water-resistant smartwatch up to 50 m.

Specifications of Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch

  • The daily activity tracking feature allows you to count steps, calories, and distance.
  • All the data gets synced automatically. Works with Alexa, Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, and 100+ top health & fitness apps.
  • It has a long durable battery life of 25 days plus 20 more days in power reserve mode.
  • Tracks 30+ sports and maps your session with distance, elevation, and pace via connected GPS.

A stainless steel case featuring chrome indexes and a soft silicone wristband makes it comfortable yet classy.

Pros & Cons of Garmin Vivomove

Pros of Withings Steel HR

  • The HR sensor present in this hybrid smartwatch is great for running.
  • The battery life of this hybrid smartwatch is really commendable.
  • Another best thing about this hybrid smartwatch is that there is a discreet LCD for notification management.

Cons of Withings Steel HR

  • This hybrid smartwatch has a weak magnetic charging cable, which gets in the way at times and causes problems.
  • Heart readings by this hybrid smartwatch are inaccurate at times.

Best Pick For

This is also a fitness watch that will help people track their activities and sessions.. Therefore, if you are more inclined in maintaining your physique, then this hybrid smartwatch is for you.

Buying Guide For Best Hybrid Smartwatch

When you are looking for the best hybrid smartwatch, there are some points that you should always look upon:


Before buying any gadget, the first thing that we must check is the battery life of that product. The battery is an essential part to run your watch, therefore no compromises should be made with the same.

Make sure to have a battery life of near about 14 days for a better experience.


Design is another important factor to consider. As for design, this is the reason that we have opted for hybrid smartwatches instead of normal smartwatches. So always choose worthwhile designs.


Always be sure that the hybrid smartwatch that you are looking for is easily compatible with your iOS. Android versions. This will reduce your connectivity issues.

Final Verdict

The hybrid smartwatches are perfect old-school watches with modern-time features. Therefore, we have concluded up the best hybrid smartwatches, to help you in finding your perfect match.

We hope this post helped you in finding the match that you were looking for.

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