The Sony MN2SW was possibly the original Android smart watch. This Sony smart watch needs paring to your android phone. They work together at a distance of up to about 10 meters. So they will certainly work together in the same room. But walk out to make a cup of coffee and you will lose connectivity. So it is in fact a remote controlling device for your smartphone.

sony smart watch

But there is a positive side. This allows it to be super slim. This is no chunky watch. Its definitely sleek and stylish. There are very few controls needed. And they can all be managed by a tap, swipe, pinch or press. And the screen is responsive enough. This ensures that it all happens effectively.

The Sony smart phone MN2SW can be customized with a whole range of apps. Simply download from Google Play the apps you want and need. You can then read texts, reminders and emails. Or receive Facebook and Twitter notifications.

Of course the next model – the Sony Smartwatch 2 or SW2 – is now available.

Sony smart phone – MN2SW specs

size – 36mm x 36mm. Just 8mm thick.

41-5 g in weight including the strap.

Multi-touch color OLED display.

Bluetooth 3.0.

3-4 days battery life. Will still last a whole day even with heavy usage.

Calls – reject and mute. Predefined texts, take call (Sony phones only) and use headset.

sony smart watch

sony smart watch

compatibility with other smartphones.

The Sony smart watch is obviously fully compatible with their own range of smartphones. Check the list below if you are hoping to pair it with another branded smartphone.

full compatibility.

HTC Desire C, Desire S, One S, One V, One X, Wildfire.

Huawei U8650.

Motorola ATRIX, Defy, Droid 2/Milestone 2, RAZR.

Orange San Francisco.

Samsung Galaxy 5, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, Galaxy SII ICS, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SL, Galaxy W, Nexus S.

partial compatibility.

- the majority of functions will work though there are likely to be some minor problems. All are fully Bluetooth enabled.

HTC Wildfire S.

Motorola Defy +.

Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Note.

no compatibility.

HTC Evo 3D / Shooter, Sensation

LG Optimus Me, Optimus One.

Motorola XOOM.


Sony smart watch accessories.

Even the  Sony smart watch’s look can be customized. Try a different colored strap depending on your mood. Or download one of the fun smartwatch apps.